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About those Melania Trump photos (II)

Suddenly we have relevance. Today’s New York Post features a large front-page photo of Melania Trump and another woman, both of them nude and in an erotic embrace. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, is among the most anti-gay elected officials in the country. Someone needs to question Pence about this. Would he allow Mrs. Trump to buy a cake in Indiana?

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About those Melania Trump photos


The challenge Trump poses to the established media system


  1. Peter Sullivan

    So are you suggesting that Melania Trump is gay, and going to leave Donald Trump to marry a woman, or are you just using this unrelated incident to point out that Mike Pence has a very narrow and conservative view of marriage.

  2. Mike Rice

    First and foremost, Chicken McNuggets are now free of artificial preservatives. Yee-haw!
    Is it over yet?

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