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About those Melania Trump photos

In case you haven’t heard, the New York Post today is running 20-year-old nude photos of Melania Trump. The pictures were taken during a modeling session for which she was presumably paid. There doesn’t seem to be any scandal associated with the photos. And yet, last night, I saw a number of people denounce the Post‘s decision to publish them as “sexist.”

Is it? I wouldn’t have published the photos. You’ll notice that I’m not linking to them. Yet when various media outlets published a mostly nude photo of Scott Brown during his mercifully brief career as a national political figure, I don’t recall anyone denouncing that as sexist.

File this under “no big deal.” Especially after Donald Trump viciously attacked the Khans, the Constitution-waving Gold Star parents who spoke out against Trump’s hatred of Muslims at last week’s Democratic National Convention. That, folks, is a big deal.

Update: Here’s a worthwhile distinction. Not sure why I didn’t think of it myself.

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  1. Rory O'Connor

    I think you should have provided a link so we can more easily judge for ourselves — or else not written about it in the first place. This looks like you’re trying to have it both ways — getting views about a story but not reporting on it. It either is–or is not — news!

  2. mike benedict

    It’s relevant in much the same way Bill Ayers was “relevant” to Obama. If our candidates are going to be judged on their associations from decades ago, then they sure as hell deserve to be judged on their current ones. The Republicans want to own the culture wars? Then they deserve to know what they are voting for!

  3. Mike Rice

    A cheap shot. Like bringing up the blue dress – again.
    Oops, did I just do that? Sorry.

  4. mike benedict

    The blue dress never bothered me. (I actually thought it was great he could get it up in there.) Clinton simply joined a long line of GOP cheaters, most of whom (Livingston, Gingrich, Hastert, etc.) were projecting their own guilt on him by going after Clinton.

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