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The news from Las Vegas gets weirder and weirder

Huge, huge news from Las Vegas:

Just over a month before Sheldon Adelson’s family was revealed as the new owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, three reporters at the newspaper received an unusual assignment passed down from the newspaper’s corporate management: Drop everything and spend two weeks monitoring all activity of three Clark County judges.

Read the whole thing. And try to wrap your mind around the utter contempt for journalism demonstrated by GateHouse Media chief executive Michael Reed, who has run the newspaper company for years. GateHouse will continue to manage the Review-Journal under Adelson’s ownership.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to create a story where there isn’t one,” Reed is quoted as telling his own employee. “I would be focusing on the positive, not the negative.”

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  1. My contempt is temporarily taking a back seat to my admiration for the staff of the RJ for running that story and that quote. These days, unfortunately, it is easy to contemplate others not being so professional.

  2. pauljbass

    Wow. This is some weird stuff! Who is this mysterious reporter? Why did the Adelson conspiracy want this story in a New Britain, Connecticut, newspaper? And what will happen to the Las Vegas reporters who wrote this story? I’m glad Dan will keep us informed! Looking forward to the next installment.

  3. Peter Sullivan

    So first Sheldon Adleson was trying to influence the presidential race by buying the Las Vegas paper, then he was trying to have his Gate House, partners in Crime smear judges that ruled against his casino operations………… Then the New Britain Ct. paper blew this wide open to all 27 of it’s readers…….. As interesting as all this is, does anyone else sense that this is a case of Oh no you don’t Sheldon, Newspapers should be owned by liberals!!!!!!!

  4. mike benedict

    Editor Henkel has resigned.

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