From the department of shameless self-promotion

Well, this is interesting (to me, anyway). Matthew Kassel of The New York Observer has included me on a list of 17 people who could succeed the late David Carr as The New York Times’ media columnist.

As Kassel rightly points out, “It’s impossible to replace David Carr.” And I can think of few prospects less appealing than being compared to Carr on a daily basis. Still, it was flattering to get a mention alongside folks I truly admire like — well, OK, I won’t say. I love them all.

3 thoughts on “From the department of shameless self-promotion

  1. I don’t know that anybody reallly knew David. I was a friend from high school. Yea, he changed because he could. He was pretty special back then. Somehow, everybody kind of sensed that. I think there is only one David Carr.

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