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The Globe’s surprisingly strong anti-casino editorial

To my surprise, The Boston Globe didn’t endorse in the governor’s race today. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next Sunday?

But an even bigger surprise is the paper’s strong editorial against casinos. This is great news for those of us of us who oppose casinos on the grounds that they will breed crime, social dysfunction and traffic nightmares. In a delicious reference to the indictments that have already been handed down over the Everett project, the editorial calls casino deals “flypaper for low-lifes.”

Sadly, both candidates for governor, Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker, have left the door open to moving ahead with a casino in Springfield even if Question 3 passes. That’s a fight for another day. First casinos have to be defeated. Please vote “yes” on 3.

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Charlie Baker wins the Globe’s endorsement


  1. Seems like The Globe wants to keep the disposable income flow going to the sports industry. Just look at NJ, where the governor is being attacked by gangs of professional sports attorneys over sports betting becoming legalized.

  2. Even though it’s a serious subject, I couldn’t help but chuckle at “crime, social disfunction, and traffic nightmares.” Reminds me of . Maybe “political corruption” could be your third element.

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