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A proud day for Gov. Patrick and for Massachusetts

I’ve got my issues with Gov. Deval Patrick. Over the years I’ve given him two Muzzle Awards, for pandering to the decency police and for an excessive devotion to governmental secrecy. And don’t get me started on casino gambling.

Today, though, I’m proud that he’s my governor.

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  1. Andy Koppel

    Amen. And all the more so since he is getting battered by the usual suspects — many of whom, I am sure, will be at church this morning.

  2. Rick Camillo

    This line in the story infuriates me “Patrick reiterated that the shelter will be managed, paid for, and staffed entirely by the federal government”
    As if the Federal Government has a magic bag of money and we shouldn’t be concerned at the cost.
    What is the cost to educate a child not literate in any language? What is the cost for medical treatment for a child who hasn’t had any vaccines or basic healthcare since birth?
    I am positive we will not be reimbursed by their countries of origin to care for these kids until they reach 18 years of age.

  3. Victor DeRubeis

    Would feel less icky about this if he walked the walk and offered to house some of the kids at his mansions in Milton and western Massachusetts. He’s set an example for other super-wealthy folks who have built largely unused sarcophagi for themselves. Meanwhile, the Lynns of this world will continue to shoulder the burden while the Marbleheads have nothing better to do than complain to police about “kids playing in street.”

  4. Mike Rice

    Instead of trying to save the world perhaps it’s time to save ourselves. The national debt is closing in on 18 trillion. Hello? Anyone home?

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