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Worcester Telegram to retirees: No more free papers

A copy of a letter arrived at Media Nation earlier this morning informing retirees of the Telegram & Gazette of Worcester that they will no longer receive free delivery of the print edition. The perk has been eliminated, writes Anthony Simollardes, director of readership and circulation, though retirees will continue to receive online access for free.

The T&G is owned by Boston Globe publisher John Henry, who is currently attempting to sell the paper.

You can read a copy of the letter below. (For a clearer view, click on it, then enlarge it.) I have redacted the name and address of the recipient at that person’s request.

Update: I’m behind on my reading. Romenesko had this Monday.

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  1. Larz Neilson

    Petty, a pity. Are they banking on retirees to subscribe, because they really need the cash? It really doesn’t reflect well on the company. Is the USPS pressuring them to cut their free copies?

  2. Cheryl Bentsen

    The NY Times does it with foreign correspondents who retire. Not sure about stateside.

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