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No change in comments for now

I recently floated the idea of morphing the real-names requirement into a registration requirement — you’d have to sign in with WordPress, Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook, which meant that you’d be posting under a verified identity but not necessarily a real name.

I’ve decided to leave things alone, at least for the time being. A few people really think the real-names requirement is something I ought to keep. And if I’m going to do that, then there’s no reason to require registration with a third-party service.

If ever makes it possible to add a service like Disqus or Open ID, I may revisit the issue. For now, those services can only be used with hosted blogs using


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  1. Jerry Ackerman

    I endorse this message.

  2. Mike Rice

    A wise decision.

  3. Dave Denis

    Why not self host your blog? Plenty of providers to pick from at about $5/month or less. Then roll out Disqus or whatever else you choose.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Dave: I’ve done it before and I might do it again. More work, though.

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