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Juliette Kayyem and the view from 2001


Juliette Kayyem

Terrorism expert Juliette Kayyem, a former federal and state official and former Boston Globe columnist, may run is running for governor in 2014. In late 2001 I wrote a brief profile of her for The Boston Phoenix. Yes, it’s a little gushy — it was for our “Best” issue, and Kayyem was one of our designated “Local Heroes.”

But read this and weep:

Her biggest worry about the Bush administration’s approach is that, by tilting its priorities toward security rather than liberty, it is sending a negative message to the moderate Arab countries that are part of the fragile anti-terrorism coalition.

If Kayyem could give the administration one piece of advice, it would be to drop the “war” metaphor. With September 11 behind us, the pursuit of Al Qaeda well under way, and the anthrax attacks now believed to be the work of a domestic Unabomber type, the worst of it may already be over — yet the use of the word “war” justifies anti-liberty policies that serve no purpose in rooting out terrorism.

Kayyem is a smart, serious person, and in an uninspiring field, she could surprise people.

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  1. Robert David Sullivan

    Why “weep” at that?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Robert: Sorry for not being clear. We should weep that we didn’t all take Kayyem’s advice at the time.

  2. Mike Rice

    There is no room in politics for a smart and serious person….therein lies the problem.

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