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Solidarity forever

I don’t have the time or inclination right now to delve into the details, but you can click. (Start here.) I just want to note that Friend of Media Nation Ron Newman has been dealing with an extremely litigious guy named Jonathan Monsarrat, and that another Friend of Media Nation, Adam Gaffin, has come to Ron’s aid.

This is important for all of us who blog independently. Ron and Adam are two of the stalwarts of Boston’s online community, and they have my support. They deserve yours, too.

More: I’m moving this up from the comments. Steve Stein notes that a legal defense fund has been set up to help Ron and others associated with the Davis Square LiveJournal blog.

June 19 update: Newman reports that the lawsuit has been dropped.

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  1. There is a fund set up to assist with legal expenses of Ron and Adam and the LiveJournal folks:

  2. also worth noting, if you want to make another edit:

    the other named defendant, besides me, is Deb Filcman, who now works in the Brandeis University media relations office, but who in 2010 was the editor of the Somerville Journal. She also does not deserve to be sued.

  3. This is sheer madness.

    I am interested in your thoughts with regard to this Monserrat fellow’s crusade to strip anonymity from online “bullies.”

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Pete: Federal law holds website operators harmless for what third parties post — but they may have an obligation to turn over identifying information if someone wants to sue one of those third parties for libel. Totally aside from the merits of Monserrat’s actions, it’s yet another good reason not to allow anonymous comments.

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