From existential crisis to “The Wired City”

Here is the slideshow I’m going to use in discussing “The Wired City” before a group of retired Northeastern alumni on Wednesday. I want to keep refining this, so advice is most definitely welcome.


2 thoughts on “From existential crisis to “The Wired City”

  1. Overall very good – but you might confuse lack of location specific interest with lack of civic interest overall. As you said, increased mobility hurts interest in a specific ‘civis’, but advocacy and engagement remain and are more agenda driven. Case in point is Christen Varley, former head of boston TEA Party, now in Ohio and agitating there while remaining in very much touch with Boston/MA meetings and activists and coming back for some meetings. Internet has made activists ‘Pan-Civic’.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      All good points, @Cynthia. In my book, though, I’m specifically concerned about how to revitalize local engagement at a time when technological and cultural trends cut against that.

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