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Talking about “The Wired City” with Northeastern alumni

I’ll be doing my first book-related event this Wednesday at noon, when I will speak at Northeastern’s Burlington campus as part of the NU@Noon alumni series.

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1 Comment

  1. Lew Koch

    Dammit! I almost jumped into the shower for a quick shave so I wouldn’t embarrass you at your first “book related event” when I re-read your note and it said NORTHEASTERN, and not NORTHWESTERN.

    I had to contend myself with pre-ordering from Amazon. (The book , not the Kindle, because I want to mark it up, 😎

    Lew Koch

    P.S, I think I have found a way into the Aaron story, that I’m comfortable with and have as much expertise as anyone else.

    And the books you recommended played a part.


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