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Old-school journalism


Here’s something you don’t see every day: 20 bought-and-paid-for copies of a print newspaper. I got them for class earlier today. My students read online (as do I), but it’s useful to know where certain conventions come from. Hard to explain the editorial and op-ed pages just from looking at a website.

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  1. Mike Benedict

    Did you have to buy an edition with your buddy Shaughnessy (haha) on A1?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Mike: Since it was a rare Shaughnessy column that I actually agreed with … lots of people out there who dislike his column more than I do, by the way. I’m just more outspoken.

  2. Chris Major

    Back in the mid 70s, our 5th grade class would get the daily Globe. Although I may have spent more time in the sports and comics than the Metro section. It did get me to start reading newspapers.

  3. Jim Regan

    Hi Dan, Instead of reading Globe on line why don’t you and your students sign up for Newspaper In The Classroom available from the Globe at a deep discount. That way the students are getting exposure to the “real” newspaper and not only the digital. And you will be contributing to my pension. Jim Regan

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Jim: I required all of them to subscribe to the Globe, either digitally or in print. Personally, I consider the digital edition to be more real at this point. But we are all contributing to your pension. Please have a drink with an umbrella in it for me.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Jim: I should add that I have an assignment for later today that will prove whether they subscribed or not. Heh heh.

  4. Patricia Bennett

    I just cannot let go of my paper. I read online during the day, but there’s something about sitting down with a real newspaper I just can’t give up. I tend to read more, stick to an article instead of getting distracted since I find when reading on line, I tend to get distracted easier.
    I can’t imagine not having newspaper around the house. I have so many uses for old newspaper at home after I’ve read them. Besides, I have a wonderful delivery man, another job gone the way of the buggy whip.

  5. cynthiastead

    Pat – I’m with you. The main reason I got married 40 years ago was so I would always have somebody to bring me the paper and a cup of coffee when I woke up (we’re away for our anniversary this week – Jan. 15). I too support the Cape Cod Times Newspapers in the Classroom program, to inculcate children with what I consider to the be gateway drug to lifelong reading addiction – a news PAPER.

  6. tobe berkovitz

    Thanks to you Dan, the Globe will see a one day spike in their ABC numbers. FYI, at the BU College of Communication, the Dean provides printed versions of the Globe, NYT and USAToday available in the building for the students.

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