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Running along the Salem Beverly Waterway Canal

I charted a great new five-mile running route yesterday — along the Salem Beverly Waterway Canal, over to the Topsfield Rail Trail, up to the Topsfield Fairgrounds and back. I took this photo at the beginning (end?) of the canal, in Wenham, just off Cherry Street.

According to this Wikipedia article, the canal was built in 1917 and “was never used to transport anything but water and recreational canoeists.” I’d hiked along it a few times with scouts, but had never gone from one end to the other until yesterday. A great North Shore resource.

And despite its name, no part of it lies in either Salem or Beverly — it runs southeast to northwest from Wenham to Topsfield.

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  1. Laurence Glavin

    Nothing unusual about the naming of the Salem-Beverly Waterway Canal…it seems to be a North Shore thing. May I remind people that the Peabody-Essex Museum is NOT in Peabody or Essex, but in Salem.

  2. Mike Stucka

    Laurence: Ah, but the Peabody-Essex Museum was formed from a place named for Essex County and a place created by a guy named Peabody. So it’s definitely fair game. =)

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