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Live-blogging tonight’s debate

If you’re interested — and even if you’re not — I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s Republican presidential debate, which begins at 9 p.m. on the Fox News Channel.

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9:08 p.m. A little bit of a minefield for Newt Gingrich coming out of the box. He negotiated it pretty skillfully, although his saying that he teaches generals “the art of war” was laugh-out-loud funny.

9:51. Gingrich is mangling Jefferson and Marbury v. Madison. He says he understands it better than lawyers. Good luck with that.

9:53. I am so sick of listening to Bachmann and Santorum I could scream. At least watching Perry trying to negotiate a simple sentence is entertaining.

9:57. Perry managed to name three Supreme Court justices. Let the bandwagon start rolling again.

9:59. I’m bailing on the live-blog, and will be live-tweeting the second half of the debate here.

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  1. I thought Mitt’s answer on Ryan-Wyden was very strong. So far, everything aimed at Newt, Mitt just hanging around…

  2. Stephen Stein

    Looks like somewhere along the line you lost about 40 minutes of comments. Do you have them saved somewhere?

  3. Stephen Stein

    Sorry, I didn’t mean these comments down here. I mean your commentary between 9:08 and 9:51, which I was following. Then several of your items disappeared.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Stephen: Oh, wow, look at that. Well, I don’t think you missed anything. Kind of thinking that Twitter has made live-blogging obsolete, but if I do it again, I should look into live-blogging software.

  4. Stephen Stein

    I missed about 10 minutes of your comments when I looked in at about 9:55.

    I agree about the Twitter – a better solution if your comments are short. CoverIt Live is an interesting piece of live-blogging sw, but I don’t know how easy it is to integrate with the blog.

    Scherer’s running commentary at Time Swampland here is amusing, but it wouldn’t have worked with the 140 char limit.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Yeah, CoverIt Live. Couldn’t remember the name of it. Thanks.

  5. Stephen Stein

    One thing about the Twitter, if you’re going to use it again – you need to provide time-stamps. If one is playing back a recording of the debate and trying to follow your Twitter feed in parallel, the time references Twitter gives are insufficient.

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