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PolitiFact and the limits of fact-checking

The Pulitzer Prize-winning website is taking heat from liberals and conservatives alike these days. In my latest for the Huffington Post, I argue that the problem is with the genre itself: perceptions about politicians aside, there just aren’t enough lies to feed the fact-checking beast.

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  1. Stephen Stein

    Good article. I would observe, however, that holding *voting* on Lie of the Year doesn’t really prove much. The issue is, rather, on assigning a “lie” rating to something that is (at best) a matter of opinion.

  2. Paul Bass

    I think funders like the PolitiFact concept more than the concept’s ability to deliver. (In other words, I agree, Dan.) The alternative, IMHO: Those wonderful stories the NYT pioneered analyzing candidates’ commercials. Here’s a version we tried in New Haven, sort of in between those other two models:

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