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How tech gave “Little People” a second life

I’ve got an essay in the new issue of Nieman Reports on how technology enabled me to revive “Little People,” my 2003 memoir on raising a daughter with dwarfism — online at first, and then later as a print-on-demand paperback.

And yes, you can buy a copy. I’m so glad you asked.

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  1. Jon Keller

    Dan is an old friend, but even if he weren’t, I’d strongly recommend this book for your holiday gift list. It’s a beautiful story of courage and devotion with a lot to say about how we deal with medical and social issues. Well-written, too, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise to visitors here. Must reading for the thoughtful.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Two thumbs up! And may I suggest Jon’s “The Bluest State: How Democrats Created the Massachusetts Blueprint for American Political Disaster,” which is still available on It’s an entertaining but serious look at our dysfunctional political system and how it infected the rest of the country.

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