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An injustice rectified

The U.S. State Department has finally granted Colombian journalist Hollman Morris a visa so that he can study at the Nieman Foundation, the Harvard Crimson reports. (Via Romenesko.)

Earlier story.

Update: Dan Feder discovers that the Crimson has posted a correction, and that Morris doesn’t actually have his visa yet.

Update II: is now reporting (late Tuesday morning) that Morris has officially been granted a visa.

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  1. BP Myers

    How’d it go again? Gimme a minute. I wanna get it right.

    “How’s that hope and change working out fer ya?”

    Hope I did it justice.

  2. BP Myers

    Heh. Yeah, that’s it.

    Someone used it snarkily (yet seriously, if that’s at all possible) in the previous thread on the subject.

    Figured turnabout was fair play.

  3. Dan Feder

    Please check the Harvard Crimson article that was the original source of this story; it was incorrect. While things look up for Hollman he does not yet have his visa.

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen any indication of how high up this decision came from. In all likelihood it was a bureaucratic decision made by, at most, one of the consuls after Morris’ name showed up on some list from the DAS. Is that really the “Obama administration?” Still, Clinton should now act to stop the corrupt and politically-motivated DAS from controlling US visa policy.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Dan: Great catch. Given that Morris has been an international cause célèbre for more than a week, I’d say that if the Obama administration didn’t own this in the beginning, it certainly does now.

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