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Eileen McNamara to write for Boston magazine

Eileen McNamara

In a very smart move, Boston magazine announced today that it has persuaded former Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara to write a monthly column. Romenesko has the details and the press release.

McNamara, who won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, is now a journalism professor at Brandeis University. Says McNamara:

These are challenging times for the city and for the commonwealth. I am eager to rejoin the public conversation and excited to join the talented team of journalists at Boston magazine.

Like many others at the Globe, McNamara in 2007 took an early-retirement buyout while the paper was going through several rounds of painful downsizing. Her voice has been missed, and I’m glad to learn that we’ll be hearing from her once again.

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  1. Phil Gallagher

    Will you be posting any thoughts on Journolist?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Phil: I have on Twitter, but don’t have much more to say. Pretty much a non-story. Liberal opinion journalists say the same things in private that they do in public. Hold the presses!

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