Gradations of stupid

See if you can follow the logic here. Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr whacks U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s “breathtaking smugness” for saying that voters are too stupid to understand what President Obama and the Democratic Congress have accomplished. Carr then turns around and criticizes Massachusetts voters for being too stupid to understand they shouldn’t have sent Kerry to the Senate five times.

Is Howie even trying to make sense anymore?

9 thoughts on “Gradations of stupid

  1. L.K. Collins

    Since when does a speaker’s creditability become an issue when the truth has been established and the speaker has spoken it?

  2. L.K.Collins

    Yea, been on a jury a number of times.

    Have you? Or have you skated out for some trumped-up reason.

    You seem to have failed basic logic. I guess you were out polishing up on the brilliance when the basic lessons were being taught.

    If the truth is or has been established, it is irrelevant as to the identity of the speaker of it. A speaker, any speaker, even you, deserves credit for speaking the truth.

    All we seem to be hearing from you right now is puff.

  3. Neil Sagan

    Carr’s argument is a polemic. He uses the specious argument Kerry makes to impugn voters’ savvy for electing Kerry. It’s clever but by pocking fun at Kerry’s reason he undermines the merit of his own argument.

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