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Greatest test question of all time

“Does the moral character of an orgy change when the participants wear Nazi uniforms?”

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  1. Neil Sagan

    Why would anyone compare the moral character of people in an orgy to the Nazi’s, and by the way, which Nazi’s? Are you implying group sex is immoral and all Nazi’s re immoral? Your thinking suffers from a lack of precision. Happy Memorial Day (moral crusader).

  2. Doug Shugarts

    Or, “does the moral character of an oil spill change when the participants wear BP coveralls and U.S. Minerals Management Service jackets?”

  3. charles pierce

    Doesn’t the essential character of an orgy change when people are wearing any clothes?
    I ask because, of course, I would have no idea.

  4. Neil Sagan

    Good question Charles. And what if the orgy participants were to wear SS uniforms? Would that make us reasonably regard them as twice as evil or half?

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