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A big night for my old friends at the Phoenix

This past Saturday, Mrs. Media Nation and I had a great time spending the evening with old friends from the Boston Phoenix at the New England Newspaper & Press Association awards dinner. I was there because Harvey Silverglate and I had been nominated in the right-to-know reporting category for the 2009 Muzzle Awards; we ended up taking second place.

Overall, the Phoenix cleaned up. I was especially pleased to see Mike Miliard win Journalist of the Year, one year after Phoenix political columnist David Bernstein took the honor. There were so many first-place awards that I will just point to this rather than try to list them all. If I may, I’ll just single out one other — Kristen Goodfriend, who won first place in design, and who always makes all of us look good in print.

You can find all the NENPA winners here.


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  1. Congratulations, Dan. As a former member of the Phoenix family, this is very gratifying. You’re doing one of the best jobs moving from print to new media, and I’m learning from you.

  2. Pat Danielson

    Congratulation to the Phoenix and you.
    Now, I am watching TV, as I haven’t since the State of the Union address, to see the opening ceremony. While I’m waiting, I find that NBC has footage (what is the right term these days?) on line of the luge contender leaving the course and spitting his head open. Doesn’t NBC have any concern for that person’s family and friends?

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