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Hudak now says he’s not a birther

Congressional candidate William Hudak’s spokesman now says Hudak believes President Obama was born in the United States. He tells The Hill that his comments about Obama being born in Kenya were mischaracterized.

Leaving aside the fact that this is a guy who put a sign in his yard depicting Obama as Osama bin Laden, here, again, is what the Tri-Town Transcript reported in November 2008: “Hudak asserts that Obama was not born in the United States but in Kenya, according to affidavits that he made available to the Tri-Town Transcript.”

So the reporter, Brendan Lewis, looked at some sort of affidavits Hudak provided to him and somehow managed to “mischaracterize” Hudak’s view? I have no idea what these affidavits are, but I sure hope someone digs them up.


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  1. O-FISH-L

    Dan’s obsession with Bill Hudak leads me to belive that Hudak is a very viable candidate.

    Again Dan, you arrogantly expect people to fall in line with your opinion that Obama was born here, as if he were Uncle Sam himself. Were you in the maternity ward in Honolulu?

    Tremendous controversy swirls around Obama’s origins. Insulting those who focus on the discrepancies is the elitist brand of politics that brought down Coakley. I have no idea if Hudak will win (I hope so and just sent him a check) but liberals use the birther issue as a smear to their peril. Next thing they’ll be calling him REPUBLICAN Bill Hudak.

  2. Harrybosch

    “Tremendous controversy swirls around Obama’s origins.”

    “[birthers are] the worst enemy of the conservative movement . . . make us look sick, troubled and not suitable for civilized company.” – Michael Medved


  3. Scutch

    Can we now safely say that O-Fish-L has jumped the shark? Or is that elitist?

  4. Tunder


    Glad to see that you approve of someone who would put such a tasteless sign on his lawn and then run for public office as a strong family man (his website is all apple pie). Great values he is teaching his children. Smearing a presidential candidate as all fun and games, kids. Look at me!

    Keep sending those checks.

  5. O-FISH-L

    @Harrybosch: I’m not sure I’m a birther. I’m also not sure where Obama was born.

    Emily Rooney: “Nobody saw Scott Brown coming until 48 hours before the election.”

    Out of touch, much?

  6. O-FISH-L

    I rarely do a back-to-back post, but Emily Rooney has me in hysterics on Greater Boston tonight.

    “On the day that John Edwards admits that he has a love child, what can we expect to hear about Scott Brown, he has not been fully vetted?”

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. Harrybosch

    “I’m also not sure where Obama was born.”

    I provided a link to Factcheck.Org earlier that should have cleared all of that up for you. The birth certificate provided by the State of Hawaii proves him to be a citizen for every single known purpose, beyond any reasonable doubt.

    However, in that (as you noted above) your burden of proof relies on being in the maternity ward with his mother as she was giving birth, then I’m not sure I can be of any additional help.

    “In the absence of strong Republican leadership, some find the Birther theory a compelling, if desperate, solution. Yet it is ultimately a self-destructive one – not just because it is almost certainly false, but because it contradicts the essential spirit of the conservative movement.

    – Joel B. Pollak

  8. BillH

    Fish says, “Tremendous controversy swirls around Obama’s origins.” I bet the swirling controversy tonight centers in Chez Hudak, as they man the phones trying to explain to birthers near and far how their man was “mischaracterized.” Given that, I wonder if there’s a manhunt underway to find the miscreant who tacked that scurrilous poster to the tree out front. Another mischaracterization, no doubt.

  9. rite

    affidavits. Provided to the news. Disclosed by news in a sentence crafted to make it appear they were Mr. Hudak’s thoughts brought to affidavits, when in fact they could be affidavits provided from any one of the many Complaints filed in pending actions at that time.

    Obama as Bin Laden. Have you actually looked at that photoshopped picture?

    Question to reporter: 1) is that an actual photo taken of Mr. Hudak’s property or has it been altered to paste a replica of the poster thought to once have been posted; 2) elaborate on the “affidavits”. Some background would go a long way to advancing the story that Mr. Hudak was or was not a birther or is one now.

  10. mike_b1

    Brown was for him before he was against him.

  11. Michael Pahre

    Why in pray tell would Hudak ever sign his name, under pain and penalty of perjury, to an affidavit related to where Obama was born?

    Only people who have direct knowledge of one or more facts related to a court case or legal complaint sign affidavits, not random people 4000 miles away and nearly a half century later.

    There is something really weird here. Maybe Hudak submitted a formal complaint to a government body about Obama’s qualifications? Or submitted the affidavit to the court cases that some birthers unsuccessfully pursued? Either way, there will be a public record paper trail to follow.

    Anyway, the reporter has got to have a copy of it.

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