Election-night plans

I’ll be spending my evening in front of the tube, mostly with New England Cable News (all is forgiven, sort of), in preparation for writing something for the Guardian later tonight. If you are not sufficiently distracted, I’ll probably post an occasional observation to Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Election-night plans

  1. Tunder

    At 7:34 Chris Matthew’s officially threw Brown’s name out there as a possible 2012 presidential contender for the Republicans.

    It could never happen because Brown will have only had 2 years experience in the Senate. And as the Republicans made clear last year that is a laughable record to run on.

  2. Harrybosch

    Speaking of Matthews, I am sick of hearing him refer to John F. Kennedy as “Jack.” It is just plain odd.

    And he can stop interrupting people any time he likes, as well.

  3. Patricia

    Data point: I haven’t been able to get to Boston.com with either browser (IE or Firefox) for at least half an hour. So much for “newspapers migrating to the Web”….

  4. Peter Porcupine

    DK – full disclosure – I was dumbfounded when RD Sahl announced Coakley’s concession at 9:21. Didn’t expect a call until midnight.

    Interesting fact – BMG, others, griping about Boston.com’s town-by-town crashing? Fox 25’s works great, never crashed.

  5. mike_b1

    Dan, suggest you look at Dan Rostenkowski’s crash and burn in 1994 and the fate of the toadie who won Rosty’s former House seat. I suspect the same thing will happen here. Three years from now, the economy will be roaring, jobs will have come back, and Scott Brown will be an asterisk.

  6. Tunder

    Can’t disagree more. Brown hit all of the right notes throughout this campaign including calling Vicki Kennedy right after his call to Coakley. Either he has great political instincts or has great handlers. Most likely both.

    Granted, almost nothing is really known about this guy and there is no place to hide now. It will be an interesting 2+ years until the next go-around.

  7. Mike_b1

    @Tunder: I lived in Rosty’s district when he lost. So many themes are similar: the economy was coming out of a downturn, Rosty (like Kennedy) had been in office longer than most voters had been alive, echoes of corruption and insider baseball abounded, etc. So here comes a no-name Republican who takes advantage of the perfect storm and wins the seat.

    The second part of your post is absolutely correct. You can’t hide in Washington.

  8. lkcape

    Mr. B1 is trying to ignore the deeper meaning of a Republican winning the “Teddy Kennedy” seat.

    People don’t like what is going in Washington AND Massachusetts these days.

    It’s up to the Democrats to understand the gale warnings.

  9. mike_b1

    lkcape: Even an ideologue like you must understand that what happened yesterday is lightning in a bottle. It won’t happen again here. Prediction: Brown is out in three years.

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