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More on Taunton and Jesus

I just posted a long e-mail to Media Nation from Boston Globe reporter David Abel, whose story in today’s paper did much to debunk the claim that a Taunton second-grader had been punished for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross.

Though I still think Taunton school superintendent Julie Hackett has a disconcerting habit of invoking confidentiality whenever it’s convenient, Abel makes a number of good points about this fiasco, and I highly recommend that you read his e-mail.

I’d also like to invite Taunton Gazette reporter Gerry Tuoti and editor Dino Ciliberti to check in.

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  1. TomW

    I think this whole episode (the Taunton Gazette piece, David Abel’s story, and his e-mail to you) should be part of a journalism class (yours, perhaps?) on how to follow up a story like this and get the facts right. As the Harvard B-School types would say: a great case study. I particularly liked the detail he went into in his e-mail.

  2. Newshound

    Above all else, a newspaper must preserve its own dignity and integrity, something that is overlooked far too much.

  3. LFNeilson

    Integrity? Last I saw, the hyenas were stripping it from its bones.

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