More on the cost of GlobeReader

What is the Boston Globe now charging if you want to get home delivery of the Sunday paper plus GlobeReader? When I called the subscription department yesterday, I got an answer that was so confusing I chose not to report it. But now it looks like rozzie02131 has figured it out.

The answer: $5 a week after an introductory offer. That’s an increase of nearly 43 percent over the old price of $3.50. But the new GlobeReader is a lot better. And it still works out to half the cost of seven-day home delivery.

Interestingly, the Globe appears to have turned its pricing model upside-down. Previously, you got GlobeReader for free if you were a Sunday subscriber. Now — given that GlobeReader by itself costs $5 a week — you get the Sunday paper for free if you sign up for GlobeReader.

5 thoughts on “More on the cost of GlobeReader

  1. Well, that’s not half bad. Most likely, if I bought it, I’d just use Globe Reader every day including Sundays, not going out to get the Sunday paper on my stoop until Monday morning on my way to work. At which point I’d toss it into a recycling bin.

    I get the news the way I want it, the Globe gets money, and advertisers get (at least as far as they know) eyeballs.

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