Joanna Weiss on her new Globe post

Ralph Ranalli of Beat the Press has an interview with Boston Globe feature writer Joanna Weiss on her impending move to the editorial and op-ed pages. Weiss tells Ranalli:

I’ll still be writing about pop culture, but from a different direction. I think it’s exciting; it’s a different kind of forum. And I’ll reach a different kind of reader that didn’t necessarily read my TV coverage.

As for Weiss’ expectation that she’ll get some pushback from readers who’d prefer a traditional op-ed-page columnist, I have some advice: Don’t worry. There aren’t that many of them. And, at this point, they’re all 70 and older.


3 thoughts on “Joanna Weiss on her new Globe post

  1. Anonymous

    So what are you saying Dan? That those who remember the Globe op-ed page when it published people like Martin F. Nolan and Mary McGrory should cancel their subscriptions? Or should they just die first? And by the way, I’m only 58.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      I’m not much younger than you. I am simply saying that the hunger for change on the op-ed page is stronger than Weiss might think.

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