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Good thing we’re a two-daily town

Adam Gaffin notes that the Boston Herald covered a fire in Chinatown yesterday that “exposed illegal bedrooms, shoddy electrical wiring and a possible gambling operation.”

The Boston Globe didn’t.

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  1. Neil

    Adam “Scoop” Gaffin is on it!

  2. Michael Pahre

    There are a zillion stories every day that make it into the Globe but not the Herald. (OK, maybe a little hyperbole.) The reasons are obvious: the Globe has a far larger reporting staff and more pages to fill.

    So when the Herald covers a (juicy) story that the Globe misses, you make the point that it’s nice to have two newspapers in town?

    Cheap shot, IMHO.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Michael: I’m not even sure whom you’re accusing me of taking a cheap shot against — the Globe for missing a story or the Herald because I wrote a snide headline. As you say, the Globe has a far larger staff. Given that, I would argue that it’s worth a mention when it misses a story of local importance.

  3. Joey

    Illegal bedrooms and possible gambling operation in Chinatown? I believe the word we’re all groping for (so to speak) is ‘whorehouse.’

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