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Corporate socialism

Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson notes that Muhtar Kent, the CEO of Coca-Cola, has denounced a proposed tax on soda as “socialism.”

Somehow I doubt that Kent is similarly troubled by the massive government subsidies that go into the making of high fructose corn syrup, the dubious, lab-created substance that is the principal ingredient (other than water) in soda.

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Just wondering


  1. Ben

    Coca-Cola would be more likely to use cane sugar if it didn’t cost 2-4 times what it should due to tariffs that support our domestic sugar industry.
    Welcome to Modern America: Gov’t giveth and Gov’t taketh away.

  2. Neil

    In today’s political climate of corporate-funded political grassroots organizing, returning to the federal tax rates of the Clinton-era is socialism. Kent was going to call it date rape but his communication director advised him not to.

    My apology for posting off-topic. I thought you were good on Greater Boston last night. You spoke with passion and conviction.

    I fell out of my chair when your colleague on set talked about Carter’s failed presidency. I thought, by what objective measure, sir? And also: By objective measures, whose presidency was a greater failure Carter or Bush 43? Somehow, I don’t think that debate will occur on Greater Boston.

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