Archives now online

I’ve just finished bringing the Published Work page up to date. And, with that, I’m happy to say that the new Media Nation site has moved out of beta. I’ve still got some improvements in mind, and suggestions are always welcome.

3 thoughts on “Archives now online

  1. Steve Stein

    A couple of (small?) improvements I’d like to see if possible:
    – Can we get pictures back on our comments?
    – Can we get a “preview” button for comments?

    1. Dan Kennedy

      Steve: You should be able to add a picture through Gravatar (, although I haven’t tried it myself. As for previews … I’d like to at least make the input box bigger, but I’m not sure there’s a plug-in that will let me add previews. Ironically, I didn’t have a preview feature with Blogger, and now I do.

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