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Could the Guild vote “no” again?

“Beat the Press” blogger Ralph Ranalli, a former Boston Globe staffer and a Guild official back when he was at the Boston Herald, does not rule out another “no” vote as members of the Boston Newspaper Guild decide today on $10 million in concessions negotiated with the New York Times Co. Ranalli writes:

The Times telegraphed its intentions by openly seeking buyers for the Globe before the hugely-important contract with its largest union was settled. The lame duck owner, deep in debt, couldn’t make it any plainer that it’s in asset-dump mode….

With their position potentially strengthening, the questions facing each Guild member going forward today are: “Is it worth hanging on?” and “How long can I?” The answers may well determine the outcome of today’s vote.

We’ll know tonight.

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  1. InsiderNegot

    What does the Guild's leadership say? First vote: Neutral wink-wink vote no. This vote: Sign agreement to endorse and reccomend but do not actively endorse or reccomend. Instead, send an email on the weekend before the vote saying this is what we can do if it is voted down. How does it feel to be an undecided Guild member looking for guidance from the people paid by the membership to represent them. Either way the Guild vote goes, their leadership has done the members a dissevice throughout this process.

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