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Social-networking that cornice collapse

The student-run Huntington News is taking the social-media route to covering the collapse of a cornice on a Northeastern University-owned residence hall on Huntington Avenue.

Editor Maggie Cassidy used her Twitter account to get out the word that the News had posted a story online. And the photos were posted to the paper’s Flickr account.

Breaking news, from a paper that only comes out every other week during the summer. Good job, although the Flickr link from Twitter doesn’t work [note: now fixed]; pick it up from the story (or from here) instead.

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  1. maggie cassidy

    Thanks, Dan! I fixed the Flickr link.

  2. Ron Newman

    Good stuff. (But I would not use 'evicted' as a synonym for 'evacuated', as you did in that subhead.)

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