A new blog by John Carroll

I want to call your attention this morning to a terrific new local blog. Campaign Outsider is written by John Carroll, formerly a fellow panelist on “Beat the Press” on WGBH-TV (Channel 2) and now senior media analyst on WBUR Radio (90.9 FM).

John and I worked on the set-up outside Northeastern’s Au Bon Pain a couple of weeks ago. He’s off to a strong start, weighing in today with a tough piece on the Washington Post’s pay-for-play scandal.

Currently a mass-communications professor at Boston University, Carroll has a long and distinguished career in print, radio and television. I’ve already plugged Campaign Outsider into Google Reader, and suggest you do the same.


3 thoughts on “A new blog by John Carroll

  1. cavard

    Dan,Thanks for the update. So glad to see Carroll's writing and commentary again. I lost track of him (and the rest of Beat The Press) after we moved to Vermont : ( Thank God for the Internet(s).

  2. cavard

    Just as I'm checking out Carroll's blog, I read this priceless quote from Carroll:"Alaska governor Sarah Palin is the Manny Ramirez of American politics. For one thing, she’s living in a world of her own. For another, she sure seems like she’s on drugs." Excellent.

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