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Meet the Tab’s new editor

It’s Newton Mayor David Cohen, who tells the Newton Tab’s Dan Atkinson that photos are “not essential” for reporting on progress at the Newton North High School construction site.

Earlier: “Meet the Tab’s new photographer.”

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  1. gspector

    I guess I should just let Mayor Cohen lay out the next issue of the Newton TAB. It would make my week a lot easier.Gail SpectorEditor, Newton TAB

  2. Michael Pahre

    The latest of the boneheaded comments coming out of Newton.Next he'll probably say that moving pictures aren't really necessary for television — you could do just as well with sound plus a still photograph.And that they don't really need printing presses when a couple of calligraphers with quill pens and inkpads would do just as well.Oh, and the obvious question: how much of the (nearly) $200 million hardware is actually "not essential" for educating tomorrow's high school students? Answer: probably a significant portion of the steel and concrete that would be visible in the pictures that the TAB's photographer would've taken.

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