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Comcast replaces NECN’s Kravetz

Comcast has finally completed its long-in-the-making takeover of New England Cable News — and the first thing it’s done is part ways with president and general manager Charlie Kravetz. According to the Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam, Kravetz will be replaced by Bill Bridgen, executive vice president and general manager of Comcast SportsNet New England.

Johnny Diaz’s Boston Globe story is here. And here’s the official word.

I know nothing about Bridgen. I do know Kravetz, and he’s a first-rate newsman with a lifetime of experience. I don’t see how this can be good news, although it’s certainly possible that it was voluntary.

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  1. Brad

    Given Comcast's history with consolidation of news outlets, watering down of news product, and attempts to shut down local public access outlets, I can't see this move as anything but bad for the state of journalism.Doesn't Boston University have a deal with NECN to produce newscasts in the College of Communication? Or is that ancient history?I wouldn't be so negative on "big bad Comcast" if they weren't so intent on proving they're so evil, ya know?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Brad: You're thinking of "Neighborhood Network News," on local access.

  3. jhall

    None of this can be good. NECN is the only local or national "news" outlet you can go to and know the news won't be dominated by promos for American Idol or other network fare, pandering to the left, pandering to the right, or the Twitteriffic nonsense (CNN) that John Stewert has parodied so well this week. Its just news.

  4. Aaron Read

    JHALL – turn off the TV, turn on the radio to 90.9FM. (or 89.7FM at certain times)After a day or so, you won't miss TV news. Trust me on this one.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Aaron: I know what you're saying. But WBUR and NECN have different missions, and I like them for different things.

  6. Paul Levy

    Charlie has done a superb job at the station. He'll be missed.

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