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Quality control (or not)

If you click here, you’ll see that New York Times columnist Ross Douthat is in the paper today.* But he doesn’t show up if you choose the “Today’s Paper” feature. Nor will you find him if you read the paper using Times Reader — which, after all, is a paid product.

Even before the new version of Times Reader came out, I noticed that David Pogue’s Thursday technology column, “State of the Art,” was generally missing.

If the Times is serious about charging people for certain types of enhanced online access, it’s going to have to do better.

*Correction: Well, this is really stupid of me. Several readers have written in to point out at Douthat simply wasn’t in the print edition today. D’oh! Looks like Media Nation is experiencing some quality-control problems.

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  1. Ron Newman

    Is he maybe in only the New York edition? Or only the non-New York edition?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Ron: Douhat is a national columnist, writing for the op-ed page.

  3. journo

    He’s not in the print edition today, at least he’s not in mine. There is a teaser box for “Online: Opinion Today” under the Brooks column, that indicates Douthat would be writing on-line on Obama’s stands on gay marriage and abortion.

  4. T-Traveler

    Douthat told c-span Sunday that it will be a web-only column for a few

  5. pogueNYT

    Actually, I just checked with The Times. My column, “State of the Art,” does indeed appear in the Times Reader, without fail!It comes out on Thursdays. I do occasionally take a week off (5 times a year)… could that be it?–David Pogue

  6. Dan Kennedy

    David: No, I’m talking about not being able to find your column in Times Reader, then looking it up on instead. Not sure what the disparity is, but I hope your column will be easier to find on Times Reader 2.0. Thanks for checking in.

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