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Media Nation on the air

I’ll be on “NightSide with Dan Rea,” on WBZ Radio (AM 1030), from 10 to 11 p.m. tonight. I suspect the troubles at the Boston Globe will come up.

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  1. Ron Newman

    Looks like I’ll be watching the end of the Celtics game tonight with the sound off so I can hear your show at the same time.

  2. O-FISH-L

    Admittedly, I was half asleep Sunday morning, but did your appearance on “The Boston Sunday Review” go a half hour without commercials? That was great. Maybe you can talk Dan Rea into the same arrangement tonight. Would that it were, as Sen. Kerry might say.

  3. Ron Newman

    I didn’t get up until you were already off the air Sunday morning. Is this show available online?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    I don’t think “Boston Sunday Review” is online anywhere. I also don’t think I said anything I haven’t said elsewhere, though I appreciate your interest.Fish, yes, no commercials. I never had a chance to come up for air!

  5. O-FISH-L

    One of the best investments I ever made was a CC Radio for the nightstand. I’m not quite sure it improves AM reception as much as advertised, but the 5 push button pre-sets are terrific for avoiding commercials. I didn’t find myself reaching for the buttons on Sunday morning which was nice.

  6. Peter Porcupine

    DK – you need not make announcements – for a while now, you’ve been virtually ubiquitous on radio and broadcast news! You are THE ‘recognized’ expert, and you’re doing a good job of reading the Globe tea leaves.

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