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The latest on the Globe

Not sure why I can’t find this on, so I’ll give you the link to Joe Strupp’s report in Editor & Publisher that management and union officials may be making progress at the Boston Globe.

Also New England Cable News has an interesting report (above) in which former Globe reporter Peter Howe interviews former Globe reporter Kimberly Blanton. Nothing startlingly new, but good insights from two people who clearly know their way around 135 Morrissey Boulevard.

Finally, you must have seen this elsewhere already, but John Henry denies he has any interest in buying the Globe.

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Don’t touch me there


WTKK suspends Jay Severin


  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – Unlike the Tawdry Tabloid, which features newest headlines on an ongoing basis regardless of subject in the upper left hand corner of its web site, the boring Broadsheet has a static front page. You have to know to click the update category at the top of the center column, and THEN you have to know that they put Globe updates under ‘Business’ instead of ‘Local News’.I cannot THINK why they’re in trouble…

  2. Dan Kennedy

    PP: I’m not completely stupid. I didn’t go to the Globe, I went to and clicked on “Business.” But now I see I needed to select “Special Report: Negotiating the Globe’s Future.” Sheesh.

  3. Peter Porcupine

    DK – YOU are quite's the BB that is in doubt…But – since I went to the Globe, and you went to, it appears that both versions are equally user friendly. >:~)

  4. Ron Newman

    Meanwhile, this is on the front page:WTKK-FM suspends Severin for derogatory comments about Mexicans

  5. NewsHound

    When they draw their guns at high noon everyone will be left standing, at least for now and most likely much of this year.

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