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Bloggers rally for the Globe

Over the weekend Paul Levy, the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, sent out an e-mail to local bloggers asking that they take part in a “blog rally” aimed at underscoring the importance of keeping the Boston Globe in business.

As a journalist who covers the Globe, I declined to take part. But it’s an interesting idea. The posts started going up this evening. Here is Levy’s.

Universal Hub, like Media Nation, also declined to take part directly, but reports on the rally here, adding that some 20 bloggers are participating.

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  1. B

    Dan – maybe you could elaborate a little more on why you would feel it inappropriate to take part in this. Simply saying “as a journalist covering the Globe” – what about that makes you decline? I don’t see how your integrity would be compromised one way or the other, and if the Globe goes under, you’ve got a lot less work. It would seem to be in your interest as well for the Globe to continue in business.

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