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Douglas McIntyre is crowing

And he’s got every right to.

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Trying to make sense of the numbers


Apocalypse now? Or maybe later?


  1. NewsHound

    Is this a misprint? They cut $20 million on labor and all is fine for now? Doesn’t sound good for morale but who in a lifeboat wants to complain when the mother ship is sinking?

  2. Chris Rich

    McIntyre appears to be asleep at the switch with his ‘past few weeks’ sentence element.The dead tree media has been rotting from the inside out for several years and now it is in a terminal stage.From what I can tell, if a newspaper is in a happy region behind the web curve like the Berkshire Eagle in a sleepy backwater than it is still marginally robust.Otherwise it is in a doom spiral. And it is interesting to note the incapacity of old media managers to ‘get’ the web.They actually seem to think there is value in the content in a time where content is in an inflationary cycle due to an overabundance.For example, newspaper web versions are still among the only web entities that use pop ups despite evidence that they are so intrusive that Firefox designed a way to block them.As recently as last year, Foster’s Daily Democrat labored under some illusion that people will register to get on a spam list to look up a story about a house fire.And they even appear to be clueless about page ad placement. For example a ‘banner ad’ has ignore written all over it. An emerging postulate for web ad placement is to make it contextually close to the content in an unassuming way that denies it is even an ad.Google is brilliant at enabling this new low profile model. A story on a roof repair will have small helpful adsense units near the end about roofing stuff for those who want to click on a service.There is a reason why Google is at 300 plus dollars a share while news corp is struggling to get to 3 bucks a share and stay there.Google and Craigslist between them are what is wrecking conventional waterhead dead tree media.Google just makes great plumbing and lets the users make the content.

  3. NewsHound

    Job No. 1 with the folks in NY is to save The Trust, if it can be done, without gambling it away in Boston. The New York Times Inc. is suppose to be an investment grade business, not a gambling salon.There are difficult projections necessary for management to attempt to determine:When will the Globe break even again?When will the Globe be profitable again?How much will that profit be?Will it sustain the cost of capital – cash, receivables, equipment and real estate?What is the projected internal rate of return over the next ten years?Of course, the best any analyst can do is project a likely scenario based on solid facts, which is almost impossible in this environment with such poor visibility.

  4. Peter Porcupine

    Mr. Rich – It isn’t pop-ups. The popularity of newspapers in rural areas has a great deal to do with lack of internet capacity. Much of western and some of coastal Mass. has nothing but 56k dial-up, much less FioS.

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