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Closing thought for tonight

Somewhere, Douglas McIntyre is laughing. At me.

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Globe reporters get cold shoulder


Baron on journalism’s uncertain future


  1. lkcape

    Given the conversations over the past few weeks, are you surprised?Worth $200 million, eh?This is much more of an expression of how serious the situation is for the New York Times Company than it is for The Globe, even though it is The Globe that may have to go.I suspect this is another cannon shot…or wet noodle blast…in and effort to save what’s left of the Sulzberger empire.The Times Company Board must not be happy campers these days.

  2. Nial Liszt

    Somewhere, Jack Welch is counting his pocket change.

  3. NewsHound

    Assets? How much is are a few huge printing presses worth these days, aside from selling real estate, less liabilities, debts, etc? Who would want a newspaper printing press right now?

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