Matt Storin is tweeting

How weird is this? On the same day that someone pretending to be Boston Globe editor Marty Baron popped up on Twitter, I heard from Baron’s predecessor — the real Matt Storin — on Twitter as well. You can follow Storin here.

3 thoughts on “Matt Storin is tweeting

  1. Adam Gaffin

    Heard from a reliable source, Dan? I need confirmation before I risk posting something about this :-).

  2. Amused

    Nine entries in 65 days (but the last five in 15 days). In that span, he could have carved it all, including ruminations about the sky and a two-word movie review, into Plymouth Rock. Guess I don’t “get” twitter.A far more entertaining use of technology is counting Howie Carr’s mug shots and audio clips making their way via everyzing onto the Globe pages. I suspect mischief, perhaps not as outlandish as the Storin twits (is that the term?), but some devilish soul has mastered the art of influencing search engines.

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