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Matt Storin is tweeting

How weird is this? On the same day that someone pretending to be Boston Globe editor Marty Baron popped up on Twitter, I heard from Baron’s predecessor — the real Matt Storin — on Twitter as well. You can follow Storin here.

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  1. Adam Gaffin

    Heard from a reliable source, Dan? I need confirmation before I risk posting something about this :-).

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Adam: A source close to Storin, as it were.

  3. Amused

    Nine entries in 65 days (but the last five in 15 days). In that span, he could have carved it all, including ruminations about the sky and a two-word movie review, into Plymouth Rock. Guess I don’t “get” twitter.A far more entertaining use of technology is counting Howie Carr’s mug shots and audio clips making their way via everyzing onto the Globe pages. I suspect mischief, perhaps not as outlandish as the Storin twits (is that the term?), but some devilish soul has mastered the art of influencing search engines.

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