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Tweaking Media Nation’s appearance

I’ve made some minor changes to the look and feel of Media Nation, mainly to accommodate the newish, extreme-vertical ad that takes up the top of the right-hand column.

I’m also thinking about switching to so that I can have a little more control as well as multiple static pages. But this should do for the time being.

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  1. Neil

    About that right-side ad–(not to you Dan, just an observation) the top two ads are too small to see. They need a different image for the small area rather than just a thumbnail of the full ad because the text is too small. Why would anybody click on an ad they can’t read? (Well why would anybody click on an ad at all for that matter…) The bottom third is an ad for itself–advertise in this space! What happens when they get a third flyer–does the ad grow downward so that the “Your Flyer Here” remains visible? Or is it fixed and YFH gets replaced by the third one. Guess we’ll find out.As for labels, the label cloud for blogger seems like a nice compromise to the too-many-labels-to-list problem. You can set the number of entries a label must have before it shows up in the cloud.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Neil: I’ll confess that I’m not crazy about the way the ad looks. But it comes in without any work on my part, so I can’t complain.

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