Dexter prefers the print edition

But he refuses to pay for content.


10 thoughts on “Dexter prefers the print edition

  1. Kris Olson

    I think you may have struck upon the marketing idea that will save us all… “BUT WAIT… There’s more! It’s not just a handy dandy source of local information, it’s also a cat mat that fits with any decor… NOW how much would you pay? Order now, and yours will come pre-creased for maximum portability AND feline comfort…”

  2. LFNeilson

    One of those jobs where a newspaper can do what a laptop cannot — like wedging the fire door open when going out for a cigarette.Nice paint job on Dexter. Named for the TV character?zzzzzzzz

  3. NewsHound

    I had a cat almost all the time growing up that looked identical.Years ago I sent complimentary copies of my newspaper to advertisers and one of the advertisers would never acknowledge reading it but commented routinely it was so appreciated because it was a perfect fit for their bird cage at home.

  4. O-FISH-L

    Clearly, Dexter has heard the newspaper-as-fish-wrap legend and wants to be first in line to pounce. As he is sitting on an Ipswich story, it appears that fried clams are on the menu as well.

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