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Fish in a barrel, Michelle Malkin edition

Michelle Malkin fails to do her homework on Joe Biden and his accurate assertion that Louisiana is losing 400 jobs a day.

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  1. Don, American

    Isn’t Joe Biden from the party that told us that more people are unemployed than actually live in the U.S.?

  2. zadig

    Don, are you referring to a genuine claim on the part of the Democrats, or are you talking about an obvious mistake that someone made, such as getting an order of magnitude wrong in an off-the-cuff speech, that people on the right are now pretending was a real claim by Democrats in order to try to score cheap political points?Because if it’s the latter, people have long learned to see through those, and the end up making the Republicans look stupid for pretending so badly.Just wondering.

  3. Tunder

    Kind of like O-Fish’s oft-referenced quote from Obama who once said something about “57 states” and, therefore, you know, Obama must be really dumb.

  4. O-FISH-L

    Tunder, quantum leap on your part. Thank you for admitting that Obama said something about 57 states, 57 United States to be exact. Obama must be really dumb? Not me, sir. I’ve oft said Obama is brilliant, mesmerizing the media so much that even his latest blunder, stepping on Speaker Pelosi’s toes and beginning his speech before she had said her few words, was dismissed as “eager, enthusiastic, etc.” One can only imagine if G.W. Bush did the same thing. Chauvinistic, bumbling, stupid…

  5. Tunder

    Unfortunately Bush’s entire 8 years were bumbling and often stupid. When Obama says something to the equivalent of Bush’s “too many good OBGYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country” you’ll have a point.

  6. O'Reilly

    There’s nothing left to our imagination when it comes to George Bush. We had eight years of incompetence and I’m not talking about his specifying. Eight years. High IQ, didn’t use it. Went with his gut, he he he he.

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