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The end of the Rocky Mountain News

A sad day in Colorado. And yes, I see the place where you can click to subscribe. I guess no one had the heart to take it down.

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  1. Ron Newman

    Are they going to try to go web-only, or just give up entirely?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    The owner has given up. I see there are some folks who are talking about acquiring the domain name and doing something online. But it would be a start-up.

  3. Peter Porcupine

    DK – Sen. Kerry has announced his intention, via his Commerce Comm. membership, to involve himself in the newpaper crisis, during his eulogy for Rocky Nountain.Be very afraid.

  4. LFNeilson

    For an interesting look at the Denver newspaper biz of 100 years ago, read Timberline by Gene Fowler.zzzzzz

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