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Big pictures of a big event

There’s a great “Big Picture” on Inauguration Day posted at The satellite view in #3 is wild. I wish I had a monitor huge enough to do it justice.

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  1. Don, American

    A big event? Just like the Red Sox — wait until next year.

  2. NewsHound

    Great pictures. Dan, thanks for pointing to them, and yes, agree about #3.

  3. O'Reilly

    Thanks for linking to this. I love their large format photo essays.

  4. Robin Edgar

    Gotta love that gigantic God’s Eye view of President Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony. :-)And the Blogger word verification code for this comment is not inappropriately brand.

  5. Brian Flaherty

    That is a good picture but the green grass or fields around it look rather shabby. Perhaps because its winter.

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