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Northeastern student on the scene

Jared Molton, a student in my Reinventing the News course at Northeastern this past fall, was on the scene today following that fatal fire-truck crash on Huntington Avenue. He wrote it up for his blog and posted a slideshow to Flickr. His work then got picked up by Universal Hub.

Photo copyright (c) 2009 by Jared Molton.


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  1. cavard

    That’s awesome. It’s always a great feeling when you write something that someone else out there thinks is newsworthy and good journalism and wants to link or republish it. Kudos to your students!

  2. Ani

    re “It’s always a great feeling …”: It’s sometimes a complicated series of feelings, for me, at least, when there is no attribution; yes, I feel flattered, and I can see C.S. Lewis’s point that it all comes from God anyway so it’s really not ours to take credit for, but I, and my ego, also feel taken advantage of when it happens. (Sorry about ending with all those prepositions.) And it leaves me not wanting to contribute. I’m glad to hear others are having a more positive experience of having their work product used.

  3. Peter Porcupine

    DK – we have a site called Cape Wide News ( – run for years by a local firefighter. It recently got picked up by a local radio station which is hosting it now. They have a stable of retirees listening to police scanners who are usually there to take photos before any other news outlet. A good example of on the spot reporting like your energetic student.

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