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Northeastern students nail parking deal

Northeastern students Kate Augusto and Matt Collette report in today’s Boston Globe on a suspiciously sweet parking deal in the North End.

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  1. Dan Hamilton & Chris Macort

    Very nice job of reporting – kudos to the students.It’s only a minor detraction that the copy desk used this hed for the story: “Politics may run North End parking lot.’ May? Weak.-dan

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Huh? Here’s the headline I see: “A parking deal for the chosen ones;City-owned space used by the well connected.”

  3. Dan Hamilton & Chris Macort

    How very odd; the hed changed in the 15 minutes between my post and yours. Guess somebody at the Globe keeps constant tabs on your blog [grin].-dan

  4. Dan Hamilton & Chris Macort

    Just to verify that I am not losing my mind, I went back again to the Globe page and if you look at the top of the browser window you can still see the old headline used as the title of the web page: “Politics may run North End parking lot.”Of course now that I have posted this tidbit . . . [g]-dan

  5. Leslie

    Wowser, Kate and Matt. Great job, well-done.I am not a disinterested party, having lived in a tiny, rented 4th floor walk up apartment on Prince Street for 2 years (1989, 1990) where I just didn’t own a car because there was simply no affordable parking available for ordinary non-wealthy, non-connected people. Connected people would put a kitchen type chair in their chosen (permanent) on-street parking spot when their car wasn’t in it. Justice-seeking chair movers found their tires slashed. I have not-fond memories of hobbling down Salem street to Haymarket Station on crutches with a broken left leg to go to work and then back again at day’s end –a car would have meant the world. I greatly admire anyone (Kate and Matt!) willing to slog their way through the North End parking slime pit. Be safe, though, and I’m not kidding — they don’t play around up there.Leslie

  6. O'Reilly

    Congratulations students and teacher.

  7. Dan Kennedy

    The teacher, I should have mentioned, is former Globe reporter and editor Walter Robinson, now a Distinguished Professor at Northeastern.

  8. Rachel

    Great job to the students, and nice to see what Walter Robinson is doing. I have to say, my investigative journalism/CAR class at BU in (egads) 1998 was one of my favorite because it actually taught things that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up in my first years on the job.

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