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The fourth letter in “originality”

I would have thought the Boston Globe got the letter “g” from the ancient Romans. But the Winchester Star reports that the head of the Griffin Museum of Photography believes the Globe was inspired by the logo it uses on its own promotional material.

Even though the museum has trademarked its own “g,” the Star’s item is refreshingly free of lawsuit threats.

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  1. jepperly

    Jeez. The “g” isn’t THAT original and could be based on literally dozens of serif typefaces and logos. I wonder which logos the Griffin people ripped off. Type in “g logo” on Google images.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    The little thingie that appears in the address bar when you go to the Guardian looks somewhat like it, too.

  3. LFNeilson

    I was wondering the same thing as jepp. Gee, there could be a whole string of them.zzzzzzzz

  4. Ani

    You mean Spurius Carvilius Ruga should get the credit?

  5. Michael Pahre

    I suspect that the Globe-ies thought that “g” stood for “little g”, or little Globe — another diminutive, like sidekick. And then it’s just a font thing.I can’t imagine the Globe being so organized in their rapid contraction so as to rip off the Griffin Museum intentionally.

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